Wednesday, December 30, 2015


 On December 18 we went to a large Baptist church in Orlando and had a nice dinner and then saw their production of Singing Trees.
 Trees full of singers along with a nice musical about different memories of Christmas. It was a very well done production. Since we were already through Orlando we decided to head north after the show. We made it just to the Georgia line before stopping for the night.  By  Sunday morning we were sitting in our church in Lancaster for 10:00 service.
 We had a nice visit with Mystique and Eric. Of course we gave a noisy gift to Ashtyn for Christmas.We met them again the next day at Friendly's to celebrate Christmas with Eric's daughter Alivia.
 We were staying with Brian and Dorothy in their lovely old home. On Christmas Eve we had a little Christmas celebration when Mark, Danielle and her family stopped over. Chase has his foot in a cast because he broke his ankle wrestling at Thanksgiving.

 We had a fun gift swap and then a nice lasagna meal.
 Danielle and her three children, Calista, Kyla and Willie. It was nice meeting her oldest daughter. We then all went to a Christmas Eve service.
 A nice family picture in the parlor. Chase is sitting in the chair, Brady, Dorothy, Brian, Larry and me.
 I took this picture so Irina, Brady's girl friend could be in it. Also Chase has their new puppy on his lap. she is non stop movement as you can tell from the blur.
 On foggy Christmas morning we drove to Sharon Hill to celebrate Christmas with my sister and son. What  warm Christmas weather for Pennsylvania, I guess we took it up to them from Florida.
Lynda went to the butcher and had a scrumptious roast for our dinner. We had a very nice visit with all  our families and left at 7:00 Sunday night to drive home.
 Traffic was bad on I-95 in the Carolinas and our phone GPS gave us alternate routes a couple time. Unfortunately on Monday night we were on one of these alternate two lane road when a police car came straight at us, He was passing a line of traffic. It forced three of us off the road, We made it safely onto the onto the grassy shoulder, but the young girl in the car behind us went flying towards some trees. Luckily her car was stopped by the ditch full of water. She was not seriously injured but quit shaken up. We were glad we had On Star to call for help. We made it to our house Tuesday afternoon, and glad to be back home.

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