Monday, March 7, 2016


 We attended the Tiffin rally in Sarasota,FL from  March 2 to the 6th.
 There were 326 Tiffin coaches. You had to make sure you went in the right one!
 This is an 1983 Allegra, still on the road and camping. This couple have only had it for about a year and were very proud of it.
 There was a pirate and beach theme for the rally, so there was a contest for the best decorated coach.These are not even the winners. People even dressed up as pirates.

 Every afternoon there was line dancing. Tammy was the instructor and that is her profession, so she was very good. As you see there was a large crowd each day.

 Larry wasn't dancing or doing much walking for he did fracture a bone in his foot and is wearing a boot. The doctor said the less he walks on it the faster it will heal, It is hard to stay off it. We did get permission to set up a display table about NOMADS with the vendors, so he sat there and talked to people.
We had two meals served everyday. After dinner each night there was entertainment. We played bingo the first night. The next night we had a ventriloquist, she was very good and funny.  We were lucky for we were sitting in the front for the people in the back couldn't see or hear.
 The Landsharks performed the last night. They played a lot of beach type music and had us up dancing.
 Our big purchase was my new set of wheels. It is a Cricket golf cart.
 It is light and small enough to fit in the back of our car.
All tucked in and ready to leave,
 Larry and Jeanie are friends who live in Sarasota, so we met them for church and lunch. Then we drove to Sebring and stayed in a parking lot  over night so we could have lunch with some of the people we use to camp with from NCT. We are home now for four days before we head out to Ocala for a NOMADS project.

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