Monday, June 20, 2016


 We flew back to Florida on Monday morning and that evening the Bush family arrived. We had gotten them tickets for three days at Disney. The first trip was to Magic Kingdom with everyone.
 We got fast pass for A Small World, we still had to stand in line for awhile.
 Ashtyn enjoyed the ride.  The park was crowded and the day was hot and humid so after riding Dumbo we came back to the house.

 The next evening we babysat Ashtyn while Eric, Mystique and Alivia went back to Magic Kingdom to get some princesses autographs and see the Electrical parade
and watch the fireworks.
Then we went to Animal Kingdom. We watched the Lion King and Finding Nemo shows.
Aliva loves roller coasters so her dad and she rode the Everest Express. Then they all went on the water ride to cool off while Ashtyn and I walked around the park. A nap was needed. It was another long hot day.
Cooling off in the pool.
Eric and Mystique enjoy a two day honeymoon in Clearwater, while we had fun with Alivia and Ashtyn. The splash park in Clermont gave Alivia hours of fun, while Ashtyn and I enjoyed playing in the sand and lake.
Alivia had fun driving around on our golf cart.
We enjoyed family time reading books and playing with blocks. It was a great visit. They flew home on the 14th. We look forward to spending more time with them when we are back in PA.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


 Larry flew back to PA on Friday and June 4th his daughter, Mystique,was married to Eric. The wedding was at the farmette where she grew up and they now live.
 Eric and the chaplain waiting under the tree for Mystique. The wedding was full of beautiful details like the dream catchers she made hanging from the tree.
Alivia and Ashtyn were adorable flower girls.
 Larry started the walk down the path with Mystique and then her step dad joined them. Which was very appropiate since he has been a very big part of her life.
 It was a very nice service.
 Pictures after the wedding.
 Larry and Kathy (her mom) with Mystique.
 The  Bush family with Mystique's grandmother.
 The first dance.
 The father daughter dance started with Ashtyn joining in.
 After a very good buffet bar-b-que meal there was the cake cutting.
 This wasn't your typical shot gun wedding for the groom is the one with the shoot gun. He is shooting at the box in the field to announce what gender their baby is going to be.
 Another girl! but it could still be a boy.
Dancing, bonfire and lights the party continued into the night. The weather held, just clouds which we were glad for,  when the sun was out it was hot.
We left with a little jar of peaches I helped can in the summer, It was a perfect, beautiful wedding and if anything went wrong only they know.


 I flew to Philadelphia On May 24th to spend a week with my sister celebrating her 70th birthday. We went to the shore for a day and enjoyed several shopping excursions. As tradition we celebrated her birthday on Memorial Day.
 I had made her two scrap books. The little one with Lynda on the cover were just pictures of her from when she was born till she was 65. She worked as a secretary in a school for 42 years, so I had a school picture of her for all those years, and of course her own Sharon Hill school yearly pictures.
 The bigger album was more about family and highlights of her life, including all the trips she has taken  with us since retiring. I really enjoyed making the books, even though they took a lot of time and work. We will continue her birthday celebration  when she travels with us to Branson in September.
 When I asked Lynda what she wanted to do for her birthday she wanted to go to lunch with friends. So we went to Quakertown and went out with Kathy and Lynn. This is the group that goes to Wildwood for a week each year.
 They made it a special day for her with a 70 tiara, a 70 bouquet, an old lady's cane (that squeaks and has a horn) and of course cake and ice cream.
The next day we met her friend Charlotte at Peddlers Village for lunch and some shopping. Notice Lynda is using her cane. I was glad I was home to spend some time celebrating with her. We do love each other.


 We are enjoying seeing all the nature around our home. It was nice seeing these sand hill cranes come by each day and watching the baby as it grew  bigger. I also saw a raccoon one morning and one day the alligator was sunbathing on the bank of the pond.
 When they did our driveway they were not able to finish whole sidewalk, This time  I got to watch them do it.
 It was quite a process of cutting in the lines and painting on the colors.
 Clermont had a Dragon Boat Festival the end of April. So the Celebrate Recovery group from the church formed a team and entered the race. Each boat had at least 10 girls and 10 guys for a total of 20 people. Some of the boats had all women. There was a drummer to help you keep the rhythm of the stroke. Staying together was  the key.
 Larry and I were on the team, We didn't do too well, but it was a fun day of fellowship.
I was able to go dancing each morning at Thousand trails. There was only a few of us but all good dancers and we had lots of fun.  I also spent lots of time planting flowers and working in the gardens around the house. I forgot how time consuming that can be, but the place is looking pretty. We are really enjoying our home and we have now owned it for a year.