Tuesday, June 7, 2016


 I flew to Philadelphia On May 24th to spend a week with my sister celebrating her 70th birthday. We went to the shore for a day and enjoyed several shopping excursions. As tradition we celebrated her birthday on Memorial Day.
 I had made her two scrap books. The little one with Lynda on the cover were just pictures of her from when she was born till she was 65. She worked as a secretary in a school for 42 years, so I had a school picture of her for all those years, and of course her own Sharon Hill school yearly pictures.
 The bigger album was more about family and highlights of her life, including all the trips she has taken  with us since retiring. I really enjoyed making the books, even though they took a lot of time and work. We will continue her birthday celebration  when she travels with us to Branson in September.
 When I asked Lynda what she wanted to do for her birthday she wanted to go to lunch with friends. So we went to Quakertown and went out with Kathy and Lynn. This is the group that goes to Wildwood for a week each year.
 They made it a special day for her with a 70 tiara, a 70 bouquet, an old lady's cane (that squeaks and has a horn) and of course cake and ice cream.
The next day we met her friend Charlotte at Peddlers Village for lunch and some shopping. Notice Lynda is using her cane. I was glad I was home to spend some time celebrating with her. We do love each other.

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