Monday, June 20, 2016


 We flew back to Florida on Monday morning and that evening the Bush family arrived. We had gotten them tickets for three days at Disney. The first trip was to Magic Kingdom with everyone.
 We got fast pass for A Small World, we still had to stand in line for awhile.
 Ashtyn enjoyed the ride.  The park was crowded and the day was hot and humid so after riding Dumbo we came back to the house.

 The next evening we babysat Ashtyn while Eric, Mystique and Alivia went back to Magic Kingdom to get some princesses autographs and see the Electrical parade
and watch the fireworks.
Then we went to Animal Kingdom. We watched the Lion King and Finding Nemo shows.
Aliva loves roller coasters so her dad and she rode the Everest Express. Then they all went on the water ride to cool off while Ashtyn and I walked around the park. A nap was needed. It was another long hot day.
Cooling off in the pool.
Eric and Mystique enjoy a two day honeymoon in Clearwater, while we had fun with Alivia and Ashtyn. The splash park in Clermont gave Alivia hours of fun, while Ashtyn and I enjoyed playing in the sand and lake.
Alivia had fun driving around on our golf cart.
We enjoyed family time reading books and playing with blocks. It was a great visit. They flew home on the 14th. We look forward to spending more time with them when we are back in PA.

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