Tuesday, June 7, 2016


 We are enjoying seeing all the nature around our home. It was nice seeing these sand hill cranes come by each day and watching the baby as it grew  bigger. I also saw a raccoon one morning and one day the alligator was sunbathing on the bank of the pond.
 When they did our driveway they were not able to finish whole sidewalk, This time  I got to watch them do it.
 It was quite a process of cutting in the lines and painting on the colors.
 Clermont had a Dragon Boat Festival the end of April. So the Celebrate Recovery group from the church formed a team and entered the race. Each boat had at least 10 girls and 10 guys for a total of 20 people. Some of the boats had all women. There was a drummer to help you keep the rhythm of the stroke. Staying together was  the key.
 Larry and I were on the team, We didn't do too well, but it was a fun day of fellowship.
I was able to go dancing each morning at Thousand trails. There was only a few of us but all good dancers and we had lots of fun.  I also spent lots of time planting flowers and working in the gardens around the house. I forgot how time consuming that can be, but the place is looking pretty. We are really enjoying our home and we have now owned it for a year.