Tuesday, June 7, 2016


 Larry flew back to PA on Friday and June 4th his daughter, Mystique,was married to Eric. The wedding was at the farmette where she grew up and they now live.
 Eric and the chaplain waiting under the tree for Mystique. The wedding was full of beautiful details like the dream catchers she made hanging from the tree.
Alivia and Ashtyn were adorable flower girls.
 Larry started the walk down the path with Mystique and then her step dad joined them. Which was very appropiate since he has been a very big part of her life.
 It was a very nice service.
 Pictures after the wedding.
 Larry and Kathy (her mom) with Mystique.
 The  Bush family with Mystique's grandmother.
 The first dance.
 The father daughter dance started with Ashtyn joining in.
 After a very good buffet bar-b-que meal there was the cake cutting.
 This wasn't your typical shot gun wedding for the groom is the one with the shoot gun. He is shooting at the box in the field to announce what gender their baby is going to be.
 Another girl! but it could still be a boy.
Dancing, bonfire and lights the party continued into the night. The weather held, just clouds which we were glad for,  when the sun was out it was hot.
We left with a little jar of peaches I helped can in the summer, It was a perfect, beautiful wedding and if anything went wrong only they know.

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