Friday, July 15, 2016


 We stayed an extra week in Florida. Larry had a few doctor appointments but after being given a clean bill of health we headed home. We were back in PA on June 26. We have been busy everyday, lots of great visits with friends and family.
 Mark, Danielle and Willie camped with us the 4th of July weekend and we all celebrated with an evening at the Buck for a demolition derby and fireworks.
When we went to church we were asked to help this team run wires to update the heating and air conditioning system. Stel and Jodi were the leaders (fellow NOMADS) on this project. She had already worked 9 days, and they were needing to be finished. We were glad to be here to give a little help. This is the celebration meal when they were done, Sorry we both forgot to take pictures of all the work, but many challenges were overcome and we saw parts of the buildings we never saw before.

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