Wednesday, August 24, 2016


 We arrived at Gettysburg Farm campground just in time to hook up before the rain started on Sunday. A puzzle is always a good thing to do on a rainy day. Larry worked on the edges while I put the rest together. He did the hardest part of the puzzle, He will become a puzzle lover yet.
 I have worked on knitting this baby blanket since  March. At least I finished it before the baby comes.
 Yarn left over so I made booties and hats. Some big, some small, I am afraid none just right.
 Mystique, Eric and Ashtyn came over for a visit on Tuesday. Larry and Ashtyn had a nice conversation. She did all the talking, Larry wasn't sure what she was telling him.
 We gave them a new car seat. This one  grows with the child, so Ashtyn can use it now and the baby can use the other one.
Unfortunately Mystique was in an accident last week and totaled her car, luckily she and the baby- to- be were not hurt.. They wanted a bigger family car so with trading in Eric's car and the replacement of hers  they were able to purchase this 2016 Durango.

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