Monday, August 29, 2016


 M. Bittle started teaching at Octorara the year I was born. When I started my teaching career he was the  supervisor of the elementary buildings, there were five at the time. He had a part in hiring me to be the elementary special ed teacher. He has been retired 23 years now. A group of us get together at least once a year and he comes to the retired teacher luncheons they have every other month, so I have become friends with him more since retirement.

The family had a nice 90th birthday party for him on Sunday. I am glad we went, even if it was a little drive from Gettysburg to Christiana.
 Roberta and Bill looking good. His hat said it took him 90 years to look this good.
He is an award winning photographer and it was nice looking at 90 of his favorite pictures. Lots of memories. Even though my pictures don't show it there were a lot of people who came to wish him a happy birthday, for he has touched many lives in his 90 years.

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