Monday, August 29, 2016


 It has been a while since we have seen any of the entertainment they have at the campgrounds. We went to the Don and Roxy show they had here on Saturday night. We weren't sure what to expect. They played all types of  music from the 40's to today. There was dancing. They threw candy out to the kids and everyone had a good time.
After a break they put on the second part of the show which was much more of a show with a lot of audience participation. Here three guys were his puppets and when he touched them with the rubber bat on the head they had to open their mouth. It went to the music and was really funny,
 The kids also got to be part of the entertainment. Here they were given cookies to put on the top of their forehead with their head tipped back and work the cookie  to their mouth wiggling their face..
One girl was able to do get five cookies in her mouth before the music stopped.
 It was nice being around all the children, music and laughter.

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