Wednesday, August 10, 2016


 Lynda, Kathy, Lynn and I had a beautiful sunny week at Wildwood Crest,NJ. The wind was a little strong a few days, which made the water a little rough. The water was warm and Kathy and I were in almost everyday. Lynda even went in once this year.
 We were amazed at how high the tide came in each day.
 We had to move  back a few times.
 Larry came to Lynda's on Saturday to pick me up. Lynda wanted a new chandelier, so Larry put it up for her. She gave him a helping hand.
 Lynda has an eggplant and one grape tomato plant by the side of her house.  She has gotten a lot of eggplants and a lot more are on the bush. Anyone have any good eggplant recipes?
She picked these containers full of  tomatoes when we came home and we had taken that many the week before when we went to the shore. The best things of summer - a week at the beach and lots of fresh vegetables.

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