Monday, September 26, 2016


 We enjoyed our week in Branson with Lynda. We stopped at Wolfie's campground in Zaneville, Ohio on the way home. Playing a bean bag toss game together was good exercise after a long drive.

 Grandpa holding the newest member of the Bush family.
 Averie Violet Bush was born September 13, weighing in at 8 lbs 6 oz 20 inches long.. She is a beauty.
 We watched our grandson play football on Saturday. Chase is #58. He was on the field most of the game.
 Since the weather has turned much cooler it was a perfect night for a chili, hot dogs and a campfire. Mark and Danielle
Chase, Brian,Irena, Brady and Dorothy.
 We celebrated Ashtyn's 2nd birthday a few days early.
 Daddy helped blow out the candles.
 She enjoyed every bite.
 Then there was a bag of presents to open.
 Some clothes
 and some books for the reader.
 We kept Ashtyn overnight, she is a delight to have visit and we will miss seeing her.
My turn to hold Averie and it hard to think of how much she will have grown when we see her next summer.

Sunday, September 4, 2016


 Tuesday afternoon this Phaeton pulled into the site across from where we are parked. When we saw who it was we were so excited for it was Joyce and Ken. They were part of our Blue Heron camping group from Florida. We had a good visit with an evening of dinner and cards. Unfortunately they only had reservations here till Friday and since it was Labor Day weekend the campground is full so they were unable to extend.
This is a very family friendly and active park. Saturday night there was a good country band and we did some dancing. Sunday evening they had a DJ outside, the kids were enjoying it.

 Then at 8:30 there was the launching of Chinese lanterns. They sold them at the office for $2.00
 When you opened it up there were strings on the bottom with a little piece of cardboard soaked with wax so it would burn.
 Larry lit the cardboard and waited for the air inside the lantern to heat up.
 Ready for the lantern to take flight.
 Up, up and away.
The sky was filled with a 100 of floating lanterns. It was quite a sight.