Friday, October 7, 2016


I can't believe that it was less then a week ago when we left Lancaster to come to Florida. We left Circle M campground at 6:30 Saturday morning.  We wanted to get an early start, so we could get around Baltimore and Washington before there was too much traffic. As we were hooking up the car I asked Larry if he had seen Godiva. She always finds a place to  hide when we travel, but when I looked around I didn't see her any where. Larry said she hadn't gotten out and must be somewhere in the RV, so away we drove. A little while later and almost to Baltimore we get a phone call from the man who had been parked behind us that they had our cat. Larry found a place to park the RV, we unhooked the car and I drove back to Lancaster for her. Two hours later we were on our way again, so much for an early start.Luckily we didn't have any real traffic problems. We made it to our house Monday afternoon.
 One lucky cat to be in her house in  Florida.
Tuesday we unpacked the RV, I went swimming and Larry played golf. Wednesday we did a little grocery shopping and filled up the car. The stores were packed and long lines at the gas stations and for propane. All getting prepared for the hurricane. We felt very lucky with a sturdy house to be in, and with the RV there is lots of water and the generator if we lost power and needed it. Thursday we listened to the TV and all the warnings about Matthew, Even Disney closed at 5 and wouldn't be open on Friday. We are close to Disney but about 90 miles inland from Daytona. We got rain and wind in the evening and through the night, but we never lost power and had no damage. Picture of our house Friday afternoon. I am glad most people listened to the warnings and the storm hasn't done the damage they were expecting.