Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Before leaving Gettysburg Farms Campground we went over to Mystique's and did some shooting practice at the farm. I did shoot the guns ( not just pictures,) but I have no pictures of me shooting the gun. Both Eric and Mystique work at the York prison so they must qualify each year.
 Getting the guns ready.
 Mystique shooting while Larry and Eric watch the target for her accuracy.
 Larry dead center. After shooting we all went out for a nice adult dinner (no children) to celebrate the selling of Mystique's house in York. We really had a good visit.
 On Thursday, August 24, we moved back to Circle M campground. We then drove to Longwood Gardens to meet my sister for dinner and to see the spectacular  new fountain display. Sorry no pictures of these magnificent fountains. They are state of the art. They reminded me of Old Faithful, Niagara Falls, and the River Water show at Animal Kingdom in Disney all rolled into one. If you are ever near Philadelphia, PA Longwood Gardens is a must visit.

Saturday we went to a soccer game for Danielle's daughter (#24) We then went to Mark's and Danielle's for a cookout. It was a beautiful day so we stopped and played 18 holes of pitch and putt at Evergreen on the way home.

As we were playing the game three hot air balloons were in the sky. The other two landed before I got my camera but this one kept going.
We were able to follow it on the way home and we heard on the news that night it had to make an unusual landing in someones yard.
On Tuesday  Mystique, her mom and grandmother and I canned 4 baskets of tomatoes. that was a lot of tomatoes, The next day we met Mystique, Eric and the girls at Babies R and bought them another car seat for the baby that is due in November.  We then went to Friendly's for the girl's birthday celebration. Averie will be one September 13.
A dolly that has Averie embroidered on the dress.
Ashtyn will be 3 October 22.
Grandpa got her a little handbag.
She knew just how to carry it.
Averie got a piggy bank.
A book and then ice cream.

Ashtyn made friends with a little girl as she was leaving.
This woman enjoyed the girls and the party so much she had them come over and gave them $20.00. A random act of kindness.
On a sadder note. Mark's youngest daughter was killed in a car accident.  Mark has not had any contact with his girls for over 15 years, so we missed seeing her grow into this beautiful young lady.
We appreciate the kindness of the family towards us at the funeral and ask if you will keep them all in your prayers.

 September 5 we went over to Mystique's for a surprise baby shower. As we were crossing the Susquehanna River on route 30 the storm hit. Wind, buckets of rain and hail. We crept across the bridge following the lights of the truck in front of us. Traffic was stopped when we got to the other side of the river from trees that had fallen on the road, and on car. A tornado was believed to damaged a building in West York and many trees and limbs are down in Lancaster. Larry said it was the worst storm he has ever driven in.
 Mystique arriving at the shower.
 We had a nice cookout, just eaten inside. And then played some fun games. It was nice being around lots of young families with little ones. Glad they have lot of support from relatives and friends.
 This was a celebration for it being a boy. Blue instead of pink.

It says I just did 9 months on the inside. How appropriate with them working at the prison. The little boy is due November 3rd.
 We met Bob and Lynda at Appleby's in Kenneth Square to celebrate his 39th birthday. We had dinner here when we went to see Longwood Garden. Our service that day was very slow, even trying to pay the bill was very slow. Larry complained to the manager about it and he followed us to the parking lot and told us to return and have two complimentary dinners. Not only did he give us 2 dinners he comped the whole table, with appetizer, drinks and desert. We were impressed.
Bob's birthday is not till Sept. 19th but we leave for Amana, Iowa on the 12th. Glad we could celebrate with everyone before we leave.

Friday, August 18, 2017


 On August 13 we moved back to Gettysburg Farm. Larry brought the coach over while I went and picked up the two oldest grand daughters, Ashtyn and Alivia. We watched them for two days while their parents went to a wedding. I missed so many photo opportunities while we had the girls. We had fun swimming at the pool. We made some play dough and played with it for hours. And then on  a walk they got to feed the goats out of their hands and then hold a little 4 week old bunny.
We are parked over by the barn and there sure are a lot of animals. Besides goats and rabbits there is a flock of sheep,  a horse, a donkey, a cow, some llamas and alpacas,  a pig, roosters,chickens, turkeys, and even a peacock.
On Tuesday I went over to Mystique"s and canned peaches, I had picked a bushel at Cherry Hill farm last week. And Mystique's grandmother brought two large baskets. Mystique and I peeled the peaches, her grandmother put them in the jars, while Mystique's mother made the sugar water and did the canning. With many hands working we were done by noon. Now I have peaches for the year.


Every summer I try to get together with friends I taught with at Octorara. From left to right Dottie, Mary Alice, Susan, Mary Kay and Avis. We all are retired except for Avis. Susan and Mary Alice  do a lot of  travelling through out the world. Always love hearing about their adventures.


 I spent the first week of August at Wildwood Crest with  Lynda and Lynn. It was only the three of us this year for my friend Kathy died unexpectedly in December.
 There had been a bad storm on Friday before we went down with a lot of flooding. We waited till later on Saturday to drive down and had no traffic, when usually it is bumper to bumper. The weather was warm and sunny for the week just a little windy. We went to the beach everyday.
One drowned Dottie. I was in the water everyday. The water was warm and the waves great for riding.

Monday, July 24, 2017


 On Saturday,  July 22, NOMADS that were in the York area gathered at the Linden Diner for lunch.
 Good food and fellowship.
Thanks to Ruthie and Mike for organizing this get together.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


 On Saturday, July 15, we gathered at Faith's for the Mathias reunion.
Three generations.
 The oldest, Lynden, Trae, Larry and Barbara.
With their spouses, Sabra and Lynden, Trae and Loretta, Larry and Dottie, Barbara and Tom.
 Their children, the cousins, Shane, Mark, Lynden,Faith, Luke and Brian.
 And their significant others.
 Their children, second cousins, talking and getting to know each other.
 They went swimming and played some games.

The weather was beautiful for sitting around and visiting.

Glad we could get together and enjoy a nice day, good food and conversation. It is good families keep in touch and get to know each other. Thanks Faith and Sarah for organizing this and having the family reunion.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


 July 6th Chase took his drivers test. Grandpa giving him  pretest instruction.
 Passing parallel parking! He passed it all and  is now a licensed driver.

 Friday we met Marie for lunch at Oregon Dairy. Sorry I forgot to take a picture. It was good seeing her and glad she is doing well. We then went to Green Dragon to do a little shopping. We hadn't been there in a few years. It was a hot day and after walking around for awhile we were ready to go home.
 Saturday we went to Washington Borough Tomato festival. Lots of good food and lines were long. Larry waiting patiently.
There was a  good band, could have done some dancing.
 Some games of chance to play by different organizations. The fire company had a unique activity, Smash a Car, three hits for $1. By the end of the night there wasn't any bumper, lights or windshield.
 On Sunday we moved to Gettysburg Farm. Mystique and Eric only lives 10 miles from here. I watched the girls on Tuesday while they went to the doctors and returned with pictures of our grandson to be born in November. Can you find Ashtyn in the picture?
 There are lots of animals here to see and pet. Many goats and they all were kid friendly, not bothered by Ashtyn petting them at all.
 Grandpa had a VA doctor appointment in Lebanon, but he made it back in time to sit with Averie.
 We like playing golf at this course.
 Larry and I played the back 9 on Monday. He had his game on and almost made a hole in one!
 Barry and Donna are here at the campground. They hadn't been golfing for a long time but had their own clubs so we payed the front 9 on Wednesday. It is a nice par 3 golf course, a good place to get back in the game.
We had a good time and it is nice visiting with them.