Wednesday, February 22, 2017


 We celebrated our 14 anniversary at the Waldorf Astoria Bull and Bear restaurant.
 We ended a delicious meal with some special desserts. I had creme burlee.
 We then went to Cirque Du Soleil.  We went a few years before, but it is such an amazing performance we enjoyed seeing it again. We had great seats right by the stage.
 Another great play at the Garden theater in Winter Garden. We went opening night and really enjoyed the musical.
 I needed more wheels then my Cricket golf cart, so we got this 2008  VW New Beetle for me to run around in.
 My sister, Lynda came to spend a month with us. Godiva is giving her some cat love since she is missing her two cats.
 Our palm trees had a hair cut.
 We needed new grass along the side of the house.
 Great replacement job.
I was busy this month planning the NOMADS Florida Gathering on February 17. It went very well.
So add my line dancing, Larry's golfing, Celebrate Recovery activities you see we are always busy with something. It is a great life.

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