Friday, March 10, 2017


 March 4th we went to the Lakeside Inn at Mount Dora for Tommy's and Gloria's wedding. He is a friend of Larry's from Celebrate Recovery at our church. They are a special couple. The wedding was in the courtyard by the inn and done in English and Spanish. Most of Gloria's family lives in Venezuela, Brazil or Columbia and were not there, so they telecast it to them. Here is Tommy's and Gloria's first dance, she was a beautiful bride.
 The DJ did a great job.  He wanted to get to know the couple better, so he had them each hold one of his shoes and one of her shoes. He then asked them a series of questions,  like Who is the better kisser? Then they had to hold up the shoe they felt correctly fit the answer to the question. Of course they couldn't see each others response. It was a cute activity.

Tommy doing a dance before removing Gloria's garter.
The cutting of the cake. It was a very enjoyable wedding and we wish them years of happiness.

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