Thursday, May 18, 2017


 We decided it was best to get a new heating and cooling system put in before we headed north, so they came at 7 this morning.
Working on it. It should be more efficient and save us money in the long run. We are having a new thermostat put in we can adjust from our phone.We knew we were going to have to do it soon but were thinking we would do it when we came back in the fall, but were afraid  it may fail while we were gone, so why wait.


 Last week we spotted this little gator in our back pond. The next day he was sun bathing on the driveway of a neighbors down the street. He then laid by their front door, some boys "encouraged" him to move on to the pond across the street.
 We are amazed at how low the pond is getting. We never saw this pipe and piece of concrete before. Sure hope rain this summer fills our pond back up.

 Went to see Guess Who at Epcot on Monday.  They were a little too loud and rocky for my ears. We have seen Herman's Hermits before much more our taste in music and plan to go hear them this weekend.

Since Sunday I have been working on this puzzle. 750 pieces, a little bit of a challenge, especially cause you couldn't pick up a group of puzzle pieces to move them. You had to work the pieces in the puzzle where they belonged. Now it is time to stop playing and start packing up the RV and get the house ready to close up.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


 On May 5th we went into Orlando to the International Christian Film Festival. Larry saw an article about it in the newspaper, so he looked into it and we got tickets to go see movies all day long. It was held in the Wyndham hotel. There were 8 rooms going with movies and seminars from 9 in the morning till 11 at night.
 After the movie some of the actors, producer or writer would get up and tell about making the movie. The girl in black was the actress in the movie Miles Between Us. The man was the writer. It was about a divorced father and his daughters drive from California to Carolina. Good movie.
 Actress and actors from the movie Painted Horses.  This movie was about a struggling history teacher engaging her troublesome students in a treasure hunt. A very well done picture.
 Actors and actress from Over-the-Rhine.  The woman played a mother whose 17 year old son was killed when a boy hit him with his car when he was driving high on drugs. It took you from her grief and anger to forgiving. An excellent movie. Hope others can see it.
The man with the mike wrote the story.  It was filmed in Cincinnati, Ohio.  During the production the producer on the left was in a  4 car accident caused by a driver on heroin.

We also watched several short films and a film called Pilgrim's Progress which was based on the book and made by a church. It was a very entertaining and informative day and  we were glad we went and wish we had been able to see lot of the other movies.


 Some of you may have seen the 2008 green VW we had purchased in March. Unfortunately the transmission was going on it so we took it to the VW dealership and put it towards the purchase of this 2014 Beetle. Only 24,000 miles so we hope it will last us for a few years. Plus we took out a 4 year warranty!


 This trailer was given to the church to help a woman who was needing a place to stay. The roof had leaked and the bedroom needed to be gutted and the floor and wall rebuilt. And of course the roof patched.
 Larry and a couple from our Sunday School class did the work.  All new flooring and back wall.
 Larry and I painted the new walling.
 I wish I had pictures of the finished bedroom. It really looked pretty and with lots of cleaning inside and out of the rest of the trailer it was very livable. The pastor slowly moved the trailer to a home that had land where they were able to park it. May the lady enjoy her new home.
 I had a little home painting project of my own. A new coat of white paint on this wall.

Can you see the line a little over the window on the left? White over white.


We have gone to Epcot several times to see some more of the concerts. Bo had competed on American Idol.
 They put on a nonstop show.
We have about three more shows we want to go see before it is over for this year.


 Larry's brother Lynn and his wife Sabra have a 5th wheel and to celebrate their retirement they came to Florida for a couple months. We got together several times. One Friday evening we met at the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee and watched the rodeo.

Love the Clydesdale's.  It was a fun evening with lots of bull riding,  bareback riding, barrel racing and calf roping. (too fast for any pictures)
It was nice having his brother here to celebrate Easter with them before they started their travels north.