Thursday, May 18, 2017


 Last week we spotted this little gator in our back pond. The next day he was sun bathing on the driveway of a neighbors down the street. He then laid by their front door, some boys "encouraged" him to move on to the pond across the street.
 We are amazed at how low the pond is getting. We never saw this pipe and piece of concrete before. Sure hope rain this summer fills our pond back up.

 Went to see Guess Who at Epcot on Monday.  They were a little too loud and rocky for my ears. We have seen Herman's Hermits before much more our taste in music and plan to go hear them this weekend.

Since Sunday I have been working on this puzzle. 750 pieces, a little bit of a challenge, especially cause you couldn't pick up a group of puzzle pieces to move them. You had to work the pieces in the puzzle where they belonged. Now it is time to stop playing and start packing up the RV and get the house ready to close up.

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