Saturday, May 6, 2017


 On May 5th we went into Orlando to the International Christian Film Festival. Larry saw an article about it in the newspaper, so he looked into it and we got tickets to go see movies all day long. It was held in the Wyndham hotel. There were 8 rooms going with movies and seminars from 9 in the morning till 11 at night.
 After the movie some of the actors, producer or writer would get up and tell about making the movie. The girl in black was the actress in the movie Miles Between Us. The man was the writer. It was about a divorced father and his daughters drive from California to Carolina. Good movie.
 Actress and actors from the movie Painted Horses.  This movie was about a struggling history teacher engaging her troublesome students in a treasure hunt. A very well done picture.
 Actors and actress from Over-the-Rhine.  The woman played a mother whose 17 year old son was killed when a boy hit him with his car when he was driving high on drugs. It took you from her grief and anger to forgiving. An excellent movie. Hope others can see it.
The man with the mike wrote the story.  It was filmed in Cincinnati, Ohio.  During the production the producer on the left was in a  4 car accident caused by a driver on heroin.

We also watched several short films and a film called Pilgrim's Progress which was based on the book and made by a church. It was a very entertaining and informative day and  we were glad we went and wish we had been able to see lot of the other movies.

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