Friday, June 30, 2017


 On Tuesday morning we went over and picked up our two granddaughters to watch them until Thursday afternoon. Averie is standing but not walking yet.
 The sofa was a great place to play for she would pull herself up and look out the window or go to the end and reach as much as she could from the counter. She is a very happy, contended baby.
 Ashtyn and I made some purple play dough. She had fun playing with it with Grandpa. She is growing up fast. She is talking clearer now, knows her colors and started counting. She just got potty trained and didn't have one accident.
We had a stroller for Averie, so we took lots of walks around the park. Ashtyn was a good hiker. Ashtyn and I went swimming one day. It was fun having the girls.
Mom and dad back from their anniversary trip to the Poconos. There will be a little boy added to the family in November. We enjoy getting to know our grandchildren.

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