Wednesday, July 5, 2017


 On Saturday we went to Brian's and Dorothy's for their annual July party.
 Dorothy sitting with Mark waiting for the storm to pass.
It was nice seeing Mark and Danielle and her daughter.
 Rain is over and the games began. Chase playing the Frisbee game.
 Brady looking cool in his colorful summer outfit.
 Brian getting the area for the corn hole game cleaned and set up. We left before the tournament began.
 We went to the Buck for demolition derby. Because of the rain they really had to work to get the area ready for the derby.
 We had a smashing good time, but left before the fireworks.
 On Tuesday, the 4th we went to Lynda's for the day. Lots of good food.
Lynda and Bob watching the Philadelphia celebration. It started pouring when we were getting ready to leave so we waited for it to stop. Collingsdale fireworks were not starting till 10, so we decided not to stay for them.  We saw fireworks all the way back to Lancaster off in the distance. It was a full few days of celebration.

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