Thursday, July 13, 2017


 July 6th Chase took his drivers test. Grandpa giving him  pretest instruction.
 Passing parallel parking! He passed it all and  is now a licensed driver.

 Friday we met Marie for lunch at Oregon Dairy. Sorry I forgot to take a picture. It was good seeing her and glad she is doing well. We then went to Green Dragon to do a little shopping. We hadn't been there in a few years. It was a hot day and after walking around for awhile we were ready to go home.
 Saturday we went to Washington Borough Tomato festival. Lots of good food and lines were long. Larry waiting patiently.
There was a  good band, could have done some dancing.
 Some games of chance to play by different organizations. The fire company had a unique activity, Smash a Car, three hits for $1. By the end of the night there wasn't any bumper, lights or windshield.
 On Sunday we moved to Gettysburg Farm. Mystique and Eric only lives 10 miles from here. I watched the girls on Tuesday while they went to the doctors and returned with pictures of our grandson to be born in November. Can you find Ashtyn in the picture?
 There are lots of animals here to see and pet. Many goats and they all were kid friendly, not bothered by Ashtyn petting them at all.
 Grandpa had a VA doctor appointment in Lebanon, but he made it back in time to sit with Averie.
 We like playing golf at this course.
 Larry and I played the back 9 on Monday. He had his game on and almost made a hole in one!
 Barry and Donna are here at the campground. They hadn't been golfing for a long time but had their own clubs so we payed the front 9 on Wednesday. It is a nice par 3 golf course, a good place to get back in the game.
We had a good time and it is nice visiting with them.

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