Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We only had a 57 mile drive today to Cherokee, NC. We didn't leave till 11:00 and arrived at our campground by 12:30. After lunch we took a drove on the last 40 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway. A storm was threatening and there was some thunder but only a little rain.
We are getting high up in the Great Smoky Mountains.

One of our goals on this trip was to see this Masonic marker. It is just off the Parkway. The stones are from all around the US and 6 other countries. It was built in 1938.

The steps leading up to the marker has names of different lodges on them. One is a lodge in Pittsburgh, PA.
Dottie looking at he marker.

Joy taking a picture.
Our group gathered for an evening meal. It was at Granny's Kitchen. It was a small buffet but all the food was very good and we left stuffed.

After our meal we all went up to the Cherokee Village and saw an outdoor drama called Unto These Hills. It was the story of the Cherokee people from 1811 until today. They tried to be friends with the white settlers and learn their ways, but the government took over their land and forced them to Oklahoma. This march is known as the Trail of Tears for 4,000 of them died. Some of them were exempt from removal by becoming citizens, one was Tsali and his family. Unfortunately when they tried to capture him two soldiers were killed. He and his family went off and hid in the woods. The army made a deal with a few of the Cherokee to capture him and in return their families would be released and all the Cherokees in hiding could remain in their homeland. When Tsali heard this he agreed to give up his life in exchange for the freedom of his people. Today they are a nation of 13,000 people.
There was some beautiful dancing throughout the program, especially the traditional Eagle dance and the Mighty Eagle dance.

Performance before the show.

Selu, the Corn Mother and her husband Kanati , the Great Hunter . They narrated the story, between the scenes. I wish I had more pictures to share with you, but as soon as I took this one Larry informed me we weren't allowed to take photos. Oops, sorry.

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