Tuesday, July 27, 2010


After leaving Pigeon Forge we stopped at a Cummins dealership to have our radiator checked because Larry felt it has been over heating as we go over the mountains . We sat there for 4 hours, before they got to look at it. They checked it out, cleaned it out and all seems fine.

Larry checking out the atenna while we waited at the Cummins dealership.

Larry's favorite place to eat. He loves to get the hash browns fully loaded.

We pulled into Lebanon,TN at the NCT National rally on Saturday morning. the weather is extremely hot - 102. Thank heaven for air conditioning. We spent Saturday and Sunday in our rig working on the Oregon tour and planning tours for 2011.

Fiddlers Grove Historic Village is here at the agricultural center. A group of us met at 7 on Monday morning for a guided tour. This village consist of original buildings from many of the small communities throughtout Wilson County.
Sam Houston practiced law in Lebanon. Sam Houston was governor of TN and TX.
This is a very pretty Presbyterian Church. Its first service was in 1885 and its last service was in 1980. A local craftman who made stain glass sun catchers was asked to put windows in this church. He had never done it before but he designed and made 9 beautiful windows that fit this church perfectly.

Patty Williams is the curator at Fiddlers Grove, and she gave us the tour. She had many interesting stories about each building and the people who had lived or worked in them.
Cracker Barrel originated and has its head quarters here and this company makes bread exclusively for it. We had a loaf in our welcome bag and it was delicious.

Monday Larry played golf with about 20 other men from the rally. It was too hot for me to stand to be outside in the shade! They played in groups of four and whose ever ball went the furthest that is where they all played from. Larry said he made some terrific shots and he made many bad ones but he had lots of fun.

Since our trip to Alaska in 2008 we have had a reunion at the National Rally each year. Here is the group that is at the Rally this year. Two other couples that are here and Larry missed our luncheon. Only five couples that went to Alaska are not at this rally this year. Going on a tour for 33 days really forms friendships.
Today the Youth that are at the Rally sold hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch. They had a good turnout.
During the luncheon we had a power point program running showing our travels to Alaska, Nova Scotia, and the Oregon Trail, letting people know about our Masonic RV Tours.

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