Saturday, July 10, 2010


Our last night in Gettysburg, Thursday July 8th, we went to the Masonic Lodge in the square. (Lodge # 336) They are usually dark at this time of year but they opened their lodge to do a third degree. Since we have men from Florida and California in our group it is interesting to them to see how other states do their degree work The women were invited to share a meal with them before their meeting and then we had a program about health and fitness from the Adams Cancer Center - don't smoke, eat healthy, exercise, get check-ups. We had a good time with lots of laughter.
Larry and a friend from his Lancaster Lodge met Lincoln in the square. Abe is showing them where he stayed while he was in town.

Sandy better watch what she eats, especially that white bread. She was so funny during out health and fitness program. Laughing at all the things we do wrong yet trying to stay healthy.

We had a very nice meal of cold cuts, salad, potato salad and chips. It was perfect after our large buffet meal at noon. Of course we ended the night with huge bowl of ice cream and strawberries.
It was 11 o'clock when we got home, before going to bed I needed my glass case out of the car and you know who ran out with me -Godiva. So she explored the campground on her own until I got up at 4, opened the door, called her name and in she came.

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