Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Since my plans are to be out of the area for over a year we had a little get together before I left. Francis was my principal when I started at Octorara. He just had had back surgery and doing very well. He loves getting together with all the teachers he worked with and remembering the good old days. Gail Smith retired two years ago and is still enjoying her horses and fox hunting.
Francis on the left and his wife Lois on the right. Avis and Susan are still teaching at Octorara. I taught 3rd grade with both of them . Avis is now teaching kindergarten and Susan loops between 3rd and 4th.

Mary Alice had just returned from two weeks in Alaska along with Mary Kay (behind her) and Sandy McLaughlin. They had a great trip. The picnic was at Mary Alice's lovely home. With her recent travel and lot of family visiting I really appreciate her opening her house for us.

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