Monday, July 19, 2010


A very nice RV park west of Asheville, NC. Godiva always likes to check out the parks.
Sunday we left the RV park at Fancy Gap at 10:30 to drive 180 miles on the interstates to Asheville, NC. We drove south on 77 and went one exit further then we were suppose to, so Larry could stop at JR's to purchase his cigars. It is the cheapest place to get them. We then went back and got on 40 west. The road went bumpity, bumpity, bumpity and down came our new shade on my side of the coach, Luckily there was a rest stop in a mile so we pulled in and Larry got out his tools. We had to take the wood facing off first then he put the shade's bracket back up and put in three new screws on each side. We hope it won't fall down anymore. We stopped at a Love's station for diesel ($2.89). We unhooked the car here, because John had called and told us our campground was on a hill and hard to find a flat spot to unhook. It started to rain as we unhooked and then we drove in downpours the rest of the trip. We arrived at Bear Creek campground at 5:30. At 7 we all went to the China Garden Buffet, just down the road from our campground, for a nice meal together.

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