Thursday, July 8, 2010


July 6 we left Circle M and came to Gettysburg to begin our tour to Lebanon, TN. We will be here until the 9th, when we leave for Washington DC. We are staying at Artillery Ridge Campground, the closest campground to the battlefield. The weather is around 100 degrees, so not to much time will be spent outside.
These are the four rigs that will be traveling with us on our Gettysburg to Tennessee tour.

There are many excellent ways to tour the battlefield. You can take the auto tour where you use a CD in your car and follow the signs. There are guides you can hire to take you around in your car, and there are bus tours. Anyway you go it is an awesome place to visit.

This is one of the most modern ways to tour the battlefield.

You can take a guided horse ride through part of the battlefield. I did it five years ago when we were camping here with a church group. The tour leaves from this campground.

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