Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We left Washington at 11 a.m. , leaving a little later then usual to avoid rush hour traffic. We traveled on 495 around Washington and then onto 66 west. I missed the west part of the sign, so we didn't make that exit. We took the next route that said west and after a few miles saw a sign to 66 . We followed it and soon were back on track. Our job was tail gunner today, so we were to be last. One of the rigs stopped at a Cracker Barrel to eat so we stopped at the Virginia welcome center till they were on the road again. At Front Royal we got on the Skyline Drive. Our first stop was at the Dickey Ridge Visitor Station. It was 3 o'clock so we ate some lunch ( or was it an early dinner? )It was very cloudy and starting to rain, so we didn't get very good views at the overlooks. The next 30 miles of road took all of Larry's attention as he went up and down hills and around curves.

Here is the view from the visitor center.

Our stop tonight was at Luray,VA. We arrived here at 5. Soon after arriving it poured, perfect timing.

A very nice campground, could have spent another day here and gone to the caverns.

We were the wagon master today so we were first to leave at 8 a.m. The tour's plans were to go back and finish the rest of the Skyline Drive. We decided to go down 340 instead since we needed to be at the campground first to get everything arranged. There was a lot of fog on Skyline Drive. Les and Joy came down 81, and Liz and Jim got off at 33 and came down 340. It is a challenge driving an RV on the Skyline Drive and definitely not relaxing for the driver.

We stopped at this station for diesel, notice the good prices. Not sure if it is just here in VA or gas is dropping all over, but we will take it when we can. Here we picked up 64 to our campground, downhill almost all the way.

Misty Mountain RV park is very nice. I did laundry and a little food shopping in a nearby town while we waited for everyone else to arrive. All were safely here by 3. We had a delicious covered dish with a spiral ham. Jim and Liz told us their life story, it is nice getting to know more about each other.

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