Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We moved to Hershey Thousand Trails on Monday, June 21. We got up early Tuesday morning and went to work at Roots. We then went to Mountville and picked up our grandson, Chase. It was a very hot day so we went to Circle M to go swimming. About 4 o'clock a thunderstorm came up, pools were closed so we went to McDonald's and then headed to the Barnstormer's baseball game in Lancaster. We received several phone calls from friends and family telling us that a tornado had hit Thousand Trails in Lebanon. Friends checked our RV and told us it wasn't damaged, but we would have problems getting home. The entrance to TT was closed with fallen trees. By the time we arrived home about 11:00 they had the lower entrance opened through the storage area. This truck was parked in A circle.

A camper in A loop.

This bath house had a tree on its roof.

The roof off the pavilion landed over here just missing a trailer.

This tree fell on the get away with a family inside. Amazing that nobody was hurt with all this damage.
We had no water, electric or sewage. At two o'clock on Wednesday they had us come to the pavilion and encouraged people to go to other camp grounds in the area. We did get eclectic that evening, but no water. We were scheduled to leave on Thursday to go to Centre Hall,PA for our State NCT rally. Thursday morning we did get water, but people were asked not to leave if possible while trees were being chopped up at the entrance. We were able to leave, but understand the area was hit with another bad storm that evening.

At the end of our row this tree fell between these campers. The camper on the left had its slide out destroyed.

Another picture of the get away with tree on the porch.

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