Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Kathy and I put this puzzle together one evening. We always enjoy doing one when we are together. This one was a fun one to do, only 500 pieces and lots of colors and shapes.
Kathy came for a visit. We have to fit visits around all our travels. She just came home from a two week cruise on the Baltic Sea. Some may remember Kathy from her visit to me in Florida where she fell playing pickleball and had to have her hand operated on. She is just finishing up her therapy and the use of her hand is almost back to normal.Ruth Ann and Denny live down the road from where our house was in Mountville. We always enjoy a visit when I'm in the area. The puzzle was one she was working on in her sunroom when I stopped by,and she let me borrow it for Kathy and I to put together. Her enjoyment of puzzles and reading are things we enjoy sharing.

Ruth Ann and I had a nice lunch at Trio.

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