Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The Renaissance Faire is only a mile south of PA Dutch campground. The E-tickets on Labor Day were buy one get one free. Our friends Sue and Jim had never gone so we all ordered our tickets on line and made plans to go together. We have been there several times, so we knew what to expect and always have a good time. Unfortunately the weather was to be rainy. Sue and Jim moved their RV to Hershey in the morning and waited until 2:00 to get a nice site in H section. Larry and I went to the fair when it opened at 11:00.

Many people get into the fair and come dressed in period costumes.

There are about 10 different stages throughout the grounds with different performances occurring throughout the day. There is a lot to see and do.

Audience participation is often a part of each show and usually full of laughs. You have to be a good sport and try not to be to embarrassed when you get "volunteered" to be part of the show.

A little axe juggling.

The queen was walking by.

We always enjoy these two crazy ladies. Looney Lucy and Ploppy. They were in the adult only stage for they get comically vulgar at their X rated show.

This group of gentlemen were the Roving Rouges. They had nice voices and there songs were very entertaining and a little suggestive. (as much of the entertainment is). It was about 2:30 and it was starting to drizzle and Sue and Jim had just gotten here.

The Mud Show is always a dirty show (in more ways then one). Ploppy poses for a picture before the show (not yet covered in mud.) Much of the show takes place in the mud pit behind her.

That is Larry's beer in her hand. The glass came back a little emptier.

It started to rain quite hard. We waited for a show but no one appeared( audience or performer) so we decided to go out to eat. We are sorry Jim and Sue didn't get to experience much of the Renaissance Faire.

It continued to rain all night and is to rain the next few days. We are getting the rain from Hurricane Lee. After the rain from Hurricane Irene last weekend there is no where for the water to go and there is a lot of flooding.
Tuesday we moved back to Circle M (in rain) and it has been raining very hard today . The Conestoga River goes around this area. There are sites along the stream, but we never saw the water this high. We have had a lot more rain this evening so these sites may be under water by now.

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