Friday, September 2, 2011


Jane and Billy ray turner live in Carlisle,PA and in May their property was hit with a tornado taking down 12 large oak trees in their back yard. Luckily no structures were damaged. We went up Aug. 24 to visit them and to lend a hand at chipping some of the wood.

A new experience for me. You really get vibrated holding the wood.

I better keep my gloves on.

We worked for a couple of hours and chipped up two big piles of wood. We hope it gave him a little help, but what a project!

Billy Ray loves to tinker with machines so here is his leaf collection wagon he has modified.

He started his own hydraulic business in his garage and then had this building built..

We had a tour of the building and met all of his family. His son now owns the business. Larry loved seeing all the work that was being done.

They make the lifts for all of Sam Clubs and Walmart tire centers and they also make a lot of the lifts for stages for performers like Beyonce and even Michael Jackson.

The business is expanding and now employs about 40 people and has added on another building.

We really enjoy visiting with them and seeing their business. They are really a fascinating couple.

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