Thursday, September 8, 2011


All Wednesday evening we were pounded with one deluge of rain after another. The sound in an RV is rather deafening with these down pours. Thursday morning we walked around the campground to see the Conestoga river. This is the field by the sewer plant, the stream isn't usually seen from here.

We didn't have water this morning and this sink hole is the cause of the problem.

The waterline had been bent so they were working to fixi it.

The baseball field is way under water.

The road to the site down along the stream. now the road is under water.

The stones from the side roads were washed out on the roads throughout the park.

All the sites along the stream are under water. The picnic tables were floating by.

Signs at the lower campground. The road is way under water.

It is amazing how swift the water is flowing. We saw lot of debris floating by. They are calling for these streams not to crest until tomorrow.

They are saying this flood could be higher then it was in 1972 from Hurricane Agnes. Our RV is on high ground so we are safe and we do have water again.

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