Friday, September 2, 2011


Friday evening on the way back to Hershey TT we saw the most amazing cloud formation. The sun was shining up from a hole in the clouds. It was raining hard before we got back to our RV.

Saturday we were working at our rental property and didn't know we had to evacuate from Hershey TT until our friends called and informed us. We got back to Hershey at 3:30 and were to leave by 4:00 because of Hurricane Irene. Most of the big rigs were gone and the trailers that were left had no one at them.

We were allowed to leave our rig but we were not allowed to stay. So we decided to leave the rig and go stay at Larry's sisters in Lebanon for the night.

It rained a little Saturday night and around 3 a.m. Sunday the wind really was blowing. At 8:00 the electricity went out. We went out for breakfast (had to find a place with electricity) and then we sat around in their garage for awhile.

We came back to Hershey Sunday afternoon. The entrance was blocked with downed trees, so we went in the lower entrance (knew about it from the tornado two years ago when we were parked in here). They told us the park was closed and that we had to be at our site and not walk around if we stayed for the night. They had some trees down in the park, but no damage to campers or buildings, but there was no electric. On Monday they told us we had to leave because they were not going to get electric back on for a week and they soon would have no water.

We were able to make a reservation at PA Dutch an Outdoor World park. It is nice since many of friends from Hershey are now in here. (Hershey opened on Friday at noon)

This park is close to Larry's parents home so we went and picked them up on Tuesday and had them come see our new rig and have lunch.

We are very close to Mount Gretna, a real artsy area. We met friends at the Jigger shop, a good place to eat - especially ice cream! and then we went to Philosophy Hall for reading of new short plays from the Playwrights' Alliance.( for free) The plays were very interesting and we had a fun evening. There is also a playhouse at Mt. Gretna that has good performances and is a place we really need to attend more when we are in this area.

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