Monday, September 19, 2011


The river continued to rise and the lower camping site at Circle M are no longer in view.

The electric box is even now surrounded by water.

The electric pole is knocked over by old campers floating downstream, so we no longer have power.

Look closely and you can see part of an old camper in the tree.

This row of annual sites are too close to the water!

So we were told we were to leave Circle M for they would not have power for at least a week. We moved to our rental in Mountville where we have electrical hookup.

My son came and took me to my sisters on Thursday night,and then she and I went to Wildwood Crest, NJ on Saturday for the week. They didn't open Circle M until September 18th.

Kathy, my college friend, and my sister Lynda standing in front of the house we rent in Wildwood Crest. Two other friends of Kathy's came down during the week.

On the beach early Sunday morning there was a memorial for Sept. 11. One of the people killed in the Twin Towers was from Wildwood Crest and had been a life guard during his high school days.

Little flags lined the way from the life guard house to the water and an empty row boat was at the waters edge.

Kathy and Lynda walking down to the water.

People coming down to the water's edge.

A large group of people spreading out along the beach for Hands Across Wildwood. Andrew had gone to Wildwood Catholic High school and a scholarship was given in his memory. They sold the shirts for $5 to raise money for it.

The row boat was put in the water and we all held hands at the waters edge as they rowed out to sea. They were hoping for 3,000 people and there was a very long line of us. We heard the life guards say when they came back in that it was a very impressive sight from the water.

A plane with a large American Flag flew over. It was a very inspiring event and a meaningful way to remember the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.

We had a beautiful week at the shore. We were on the beach every day and other then a little wind it was perfect. I have wanted to go to the beach in September since I retired and this was the first time it fit into our travels.

Nona, Dottie, Lynda, Kathy and Lynn. A girls week out.

We spent a lot of time reading and talking.

Kathy and I went in the water everyday. It was in the 70's and perfect for body surfing.

This guy was kite surfing, boy did he fly. It was fun to watch.

Back at the house we played card games and sewed. My sister taught me how to knit a baby hat. The hats are donated to Ridley Hospital for the new born babies to wear home. So now I have a wintertime project.

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