Monday, October 17, 2011


We decided to come right back to PA after the Allegro Rally in Mass for we had too many things to do before heading south for the rest of the year. We wanted to go to Cape Cod for a week and then the trees would have been starting to change colors on the drive home still a pretty drive.

We were at Hershey thousand trails for a few days. Trey, Larry's brother was able to stop by for a visit and to see our motorhome.

Brady, our grandson, is playing football this year for Hempfield. He is number 52. We got to see three of his games. Unfortunately his team lost them all.

We had Mark , Larry's son, come over and shine up our coach. Isn't this what children are for?:)

We all played some golf at Circle M's pitch and putt course. Before we left we had Larry's sister Barb and her husband up for a meal and a game of golf.

We also played twice at Evergreen Golf Pitch and Putt 18 hole course. We were glad Lynn Mann was able to go with us the last time. The weather always rained when we were going to get together for a regular game of golf with Jim and Lynn. ( I think God knows how bad I am and that I wasn't ready for the executive course.)

Mystique and Dan had us over for dinner one Sunday. They have been busy getting their new house painted and fixed up. (They wanted color not white walls)

Mark and Shannon were able to go with us.

It was nice seeing Lee (white German shepherd).Mystique has had her about 8 years. She has adjusted well to living in the city and not at the farm. Gets more attention here from Mystique and Dan..

My favorite room is her dining room. I really like the color they painted it.

The leaves have started turning colors now so it is time for us to go south.

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