Saturday, September 15, 2012


We parked our rig in the back yard of Larry's parent's house for five days. On Labor Day all the brothers and sisters decided that there was a  need for a lot more help. His sister arranged for Helping Hands to come three times a day for three hours each time. Also Hospice stops in for an hour. One day Hospice came by with a ramp so Dad was able to go outside.
We went to Exton on Saturday and picked up my sister and then Sunday morning headed north to Endicott, NY.
This area had been flooded in 2011 from Hurricane Lee. 11 people from our church in Lancaster came to work here  for a  week. They had very nice accommodations in this building.

We were parked out back, along with Jodi and Stell's RV,
The basement of this house was flooded to the first floor.
Jim and Bob worked on installing the shower.
The base didn't come close enough to the walls so the dry wall had to be removed, plumbing extended, wall built up and  new dry wall installed before they could put in the shower.
Sorry for the side view of the new dry wall and I don't have a picture of the finished shower.
Many doors had to be hung in the basement, and of course none of them were the correct size. So they all had to be cut to fit.
Ben and Larry worked on getting this door hung.
These door were quite a challenge and were almost totally remade by Ben.
This was the house we worked at almost all week.
The water filled the first floor of the house.
Larry worked on the receptacles and getting the fire alarm connected. ( the owner is the town's fire chief)
The counter tops arrived and had to be installed.
Larry made sure the cabinets and counter top were good and tight.
Now to hang the microwave.
The stove just fit in. Looking good!
The sink was in, so now  hook up the plumbing.  John, the home owner, looks on. After a year he can finally cook a meal and wash  up in the kitchen!
The other project we did in this home was to lay a hardwood floor in the bedroom. Finding good pieces and ones long enough was a challenge. Better grade wood was gotten the next day to finish the project.
Carl and Stell did several days of work laying the floor. I was there helper.
We were all glad when it was finished. Three other homes were also worked on but since I wasn't at them I have no pictures of the work that was accomplished. We all were told we did great jobs and they would like to see the team come back in the spring.
One evening Ben and Jack cooked hamburgs and hot dogs on the grill.
Sitting in the kitchen waiting for the food to be finished. We also had delicious corn on the cob cooked in a cooler and watermelon for dessert.
Our meeting room had nice long tables so we could all eat together.
There was a nice room to relax in after a hard day's work.
Lynda and Jodi worked at the Methodist church each day helping prepare and serve lunches for the community.
 Many of the men packed up and left on Thursday after work, but we left on Friday morning to head to Niagara Falls.
We went right by Corning so we stopped at the Museum of Glass.
A glass tree in the lobby.
There were rooms and rooms of all kinds of glass, we didn't have enough time to see it all.
I liked the look of this glass on the hooks, looks like big icicles.
We watched an amazing hot glass show. It started with this ball of hot glass.
It ended up as a beautiful bowl. I don't think I will ever look at glass the same after being at this museum.

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