Tuesday, September 18, 2012


 We arrived at Niagara Falls KOA on Friday about 5:30 right after a heavy rain. We have had beautiful weather since until today's rain.
 We didn't let Lynda go see  the Falls on Friday night, she was so anxious! We crossed the border to Canada on Saturday for a day of sight seeing.

 We paid $20 to park and Lynda rushed off to see the Falls.
 Lynda and Larry need to turn around to see the falls! An impressive sight!

 A little information.
 We bought an Adventure Pass which included Niagara's Fury, Behind the Falls, Maid of the Mist, and White Water Walk. We needed raincoats for most of them. Here we are in line to go Behind the falls.
 a great view.
 Another fun fact.
 For a little rest and dinner we went to the Fallsview Casino. We really needed to sit after climbing up the very steep hill! We each got $10 in Casino money to play and we each made $5. While we were at the buffet people started looking out the window. We went over to see what they were looking at and saw a man crossing a tight rope.

 He does it every night at 7, and no he is not the man who crossed the falls.

 Our evening ended with viewing the falls all lit up with different color lighting.
 After churchon Sunday we went over to Canada  and continued our touring. We found we could park the car for free here at White Water Walk.
You went down to the river and walked along the pathway to see the powerful level 6 rapids.
 Hope you can view this video. Lynda rates this as her top attraction.
 We got on the bus and went to the end of the line and saw the floral clock.
 We stopped at Souvinor City and had lunch, a little cheaper than at the Falls.
 We dooned our blue raincoats and took the Maid of the Mist boat ride, still we got a little wet.
 The view of Journey Behind the Falls from the boat.
 It is fun getting so close to the falls and feeling the spray.
 We went up Clifton Hill the night before on the way home (lost trying to get to the bridge), so we wanted to see it in the day time.
 and to take a ride on the Sky Wheel.
 The cars are air conditioned or heated depending on the outside weather.
 The view of the falls from the top.
 The Rainbow Bridge into the USA.  We ended our day early and went home to rest before heading back to the Falls on the American side to see the fireworks.  We walked around the falls, and waited to after 10 but there were no fireworks.
 Monday Lynda and I went to the Botanical Gardens and Larry went to the power pland for a tour.

 We met each ather at 2:30, had lunch and then parked the car again at the White Water Walk. We took the WEGO bus back to the Falls.
 It seems that everyday about 4 there is a beautiful rainbow. What a sight!!
 We had gone back to the Casino, so Lynda could play her Casino money. Then we went to the IMAX and saw Legends and Daredevils at the Falls, ate a snack at DQ and headed back for the bus.
and waited for the bus. but no green line bus came. It was about 8 o'clock and we decided they must stop running at 6. Our car was parked 4 km from the Falls, so we took a long walk. Today is rainy, so we are resting up. Hard to believe there is more to see and do.

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