Saturday, April 27, 2013


 On Saturday, April 20, Larry and I went to Bankhead National Forest, which is a little east of Haleyville.

 We hiked trail 201 (left red line) we went a little past 209. It was about 3 miles long.
 I had heard about the Big Tree( largest tulip tree in Alabama) but I didn't see these directions to it till we were done our hike. If we had left in the morning , packed a lunch and made it a whole day hike I might make it to the tree.
 Larry taking a rest.
 Larry getting a twig out of his shoe.
 some of the trail was a little muddy.
 The first I remembered it was near Earth Day  when we came to 6 people (4 women and 2 men) clearing the trail of trees. They were using  hand saws to cut  the trees that are across the trail, no motorized tools allowed in a National forest!  There were a lot of down trees. A very big job.
 Little flowers on the trail.
 Larry gave me some roses after work on Monday. No special reason, just cause he loves me! What a romantic. The other guys were asking him what had he done.
 By the end of the week the roses were getting weak heads, so I cut them and put them in a bowl, it made a pretty arrangement.
 In the lot where our RV was parked petunias started popping up. There use to be  homes here last year, but they had been taken down.  I picked a few before we left so I brought a little of Haleyville with us.

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