Sunday, April 21, 2013


 I'm not sure why but my pictures posted in a crazy order, so they are a little mixed up for this week. We were excited  on Tuesday afternoon when the electric company showed up about 3 o'clock and put the pole in.
 The men enjoyed watching how they were wiring the pole.
 Notice the clouds. They got it wired and we had power about 5 minutes before it  started raining heavily. God's timing?!!
 We had another birthday to celebrate on Thursday,
 so of course there was cake and strawberries at break.
 Janice is very appreciative of everyone that is helping to build her house. She gave Gary and Gwen a basket of goodies,
 and a basket to Joan and Gary since these couples are leaving this weekend.
 Friday night we were invited to the Christian Aid Ministries appreciation dinner for the new home owners, and the suppliers that have worked with them. They had slides of all the homes they have worked on.  Since this fall they have built 12 whole homes, framed one (where we are working), did 2 major repairs and 1 minor repair.  They had 348 volunteers from 19 states and Canada with a total of 29,000 man hours. What dedication!

 Phil was the coordinator of  Christian Aid Ministry and helps us with our needs and questions.
 Mike was our construction site coordinator the first week we were here and Eva is in charge of long term recovery in northwest Alabama.
 A Mennonite youth choir from Tennessee was the musical entertainment. Janice is in red.
 Saturday, April 13, Gwen and Gary arrived. they left on the 21 and are headed to disaster rebuild project in Minot, North Dakota which is to start on Monday. 
 Our team for the week from left to right was Fran, Gary and Joan, Arlin and Sue, Gary and Gwen and Larry and Dottie.
 A lot of mixing of mud was done.
 Fran did the ceiling corners all week, mudding and then sanding.
 The rest of us mudded walls and ceiling lines, sanded and mudded some more.

 Gary and Larry worked on getting the vent for the washer and dryer  installed.
A group picture with Janice. Even Holly, Janice's dog, who has taken a liking to Fran made the picture.

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